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Key Locations

  • The Brecilian Forest: The companions’ destination, rumored location of a bann hiring adventurers
  • Ferelden: A kingdom in southeastern Thedas
  • The Southron Hills: Rocky highlands adjacent to the Brecilian Forest and the Korcari Wilds
  • Vintiver: A small village of two dozen homesteads in the Southron Hills

Creatures Encountered

  • Blight wolves: Twisted, ridge-backed predatory canines
  • Darkspawn of Mythallen: Jackal-faced feral humanoids

Nonplayer Characters (NPCs)

  • Coalan: Embittered Vintiver blacksmith, now dead
  • Eshara: Injured Dalish elf, currently accompanying the party
  • Sister Arda: Frontier servant of the Chantry
  • Tarl Dale: Village Warden of Vintiver

Main Page

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