Fearless in Ferelden

The Dalish Curse #2

After spending the night in the woods — and their battle with the darkspawn — the companions continued into the woods, following the lead of Eshara.

  • Edgarrin, Orlesian exile rogue (played by John)
  • Edlyn, Fereldan freeman rogue (played by Karen)
  • Ukai, Avvarian warrior (played by John-Diego)

The companions reach a fallen tree spanning a gorge in the forest, a river running over rocks far below. Edgarrin makes it across the makeshift bridge, almost losing his balance and falling to the rushing waters. As Ukai attempts to toss a rope to Edgarrin — to ease the passage of the remaining adventurers, the companions are beset upon by bloodcrows. A quartet of bloodcrows pesters that party, one dispatched relatively easily by Edgarrin, to plummet over the edge of the gorge. The others go for the adventurers’ eyes, latching onto their faces and hands when possible. Eventually, the vicious birds are defeated.

The rest of the companions make their way across the fallen tree, and four more bloodcrows attack. Those, too, are defeated.

Further into the forest, at the bottom of a hidden valley, Eshara shows the party the location of the abandoned keep, now in ruins. Stealthily and smartly exploring the area before proceeding into the ruins, the foursome finds an area of debris that’s been cleared to reveal a stairway leading down into the darkness.

Lighting a torch, the companions delve into the depths of the keep, quickly coming upon three skeleton guards, two with two-handed spears and one with a bow. Before long, the four defeat the skeletons. Beyond the doors they were guarding, there come the sounds of calls for help. Opening the doors, the party comes upon the darkspawn’s prison — and the remainder of Eshara’s people.

Eshara quickly reconnects with the elder Lorekeeper Orellis and hunter Lirresh. Orellis tells the companions that Mythallen is in fact a corrupted Dalish elf, and that his darkspawn are other elves, transformed. The darkspawn, led by Mythallen, left hours ago, to return to Vintiver, to exact their revenge on the village and its villagers. Lirresh offers to lead the companions back to Vintiver following a shortcut that should help them return before Mythallen and his darkspawn forces arrive. Encouraged by Vintiver resident Edlyn, a cousin of the slain farm family, the companions agree.

On the way back through the woods, following a long-abandoned cobblestone roadway that’s now little more than a hidden path, the companions stumble upon a giant spider, whose webs momentarily bind Edgarrin. Once the spider is dispatched, the group easily makes it back to Vintiver — but not before Mythallen and the darkspawn do.

The village is under siege. Mythallen leads the assault, engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Tarl Dale, the warden. Edlyn leaps right in to help a villager fight a darkspawn, but the other companions — including Eshara and Lirresh — focus their energy on Mythallen, who holds his own quite well. Ukai hears the cries of a frightened baby from inside a burning bakery and braves the smoke and fire to save it — then joins the fray.

The companions slay a couple of darkspawn fighting alongside Mythallen to winnow out the melee threats, but Mythallen’s claws prove most formidable, dropping Edgarrin. Eventually, Ukai, with his two-handed sword, nearly cleaves Mythallen in two.

At that point, ghostly screaming shapes emerge from the mouths of Mythallen and his darkspawn, who fall, transforming back into the Dalish elves they were. Mythallen himself returns to the form of Harralan, still cloven in twain. Sister Arda makes her way through the courtyard to aid the wounded but is unable to help Edgarrin, who is dead.

Tarl Dale thanks the companions for their help, indicates that Vintiver will be hard pressed to recover from the battle — especiially given the loss of their blacksmith — and encourages the party to continue on their way out of town as soon as they are able. An uneasy quiet descends on the village as its buildings burn and the wounded wail.



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