Fearless in Ferelden

The Dalish Curse #1

The party is composed of several adventurers, who joined forces while making their way to the Brecilian Forest in search of a bann rumored to be hiring adventurers. They joined together less thinking that they’d be hired as a group, and more because they thought it’d be safer in a larger group — safer if accosted by bandits, and safer if attacked by animals or darkspawn. The companions include:

  • Edgarrin, Orlesian exile rogue (played by John)
  • Hawkmage, city elf circle mage (played by Mike)
  • Shyanne Bleedingtree, Dalish elf warrior (played by Sean)
  • Ukai, Avvarian warrior (played by John-Diego)

As the companions crossed an open field, approaching one of the larger farms they’ve seen while making their way toward the Brecilian Forest, they noticed carrion crows circling overhead. Nearing the edge of the farm’s fields — approaching the outer perimeter fence — they discovered a dead body with four long gashes on its side… and noticed the shapes of prowling animals moving through the low grasses ahead. As two of the companions climbed the fence to look closer, the shapes became clear: blight wolves.

Defending themselves against the blight wolves, the companions emerged victorious, proceeding to search a nearby equipment shed, the stables — where they discover a female Dalish elf, wounded and then unconscious, hiding in the hayloft — and the farmhouse. Outside, the party finds a handful of dead bodies — all slain in the same fashion. Inside the house, they find more dead, as well the word “Mythal,” scrawled on the wall in blood.

Hawkmage healed the discovered Dalish, Ukai fashioned a litter from found fence cross pieces, and the companions continued to head toward the village — before anyone found them amidst all the carnage. Once in town, the villagers kept their distance — one obviously noticing them and going to tell someone. Ascertaining that the temple was a good place to seek additional healing for the Dalish, the companions go there.

Inside, they meet Sister Arda, who is taken aback by the unexpected presence of a Dalish woman — but is willing to help. She tells the companions of a recent market day during which some visiting Dalish got into a scuffle with some locals. The villagers ran the elves out of town, but since then livestock have gone missing, buildings have been vandalized, farm equipment has been damaged, and villagers are increasingly suspicious that the Dalish are exacting their revenge. Tempers are high, and the presence of the Dalish could be problematic.

Sure enough, a crowd gathered outside the temple, demanding the handing over of the unconscious elf. The party refused, and Edgarrin attempted to reason with the gathered force of about 30 strong. Interacting primarily with Coalan, a local blacksmith — and one of the villagers who got into the scuffle with the Dalish — he eventually encouraged the crowd to disperse, indicating that once the elf is conscious, the companions will meet with the village council to discuss what must be done. Sister Arda lent a hand to the cause, and the mob reluctantly dispersed, Coalan angrily studying Edgarrin’s face, claiming that he will be remembered.

Eshara gradually comes to, surprised to be back in Vintiver, and tells the companions her tale: the fight on market day, the disappearance of her fellow elf Harralan — who’d gotten into the scuffle with Coalan — the gradual disappearance of the bulk of her band, and then the attack by darkspawn led by a creature named Mythallen. Kidnapped and secreted in an abandoned keep in the forest, Eshara alone escaped from the elves’ prison, making her way to a farm at the edge of town before she was attacked by darkspawn. Wounded, she hid in the barn and heard the darkspawn attacking the farmers just before losing consciousness in the hayloft — which is where the companions found her.

The recovered Dalish asks for the companions aid — Eshara will take them to the abandoned keep, and with her aid, they can remove the threat of Mythallen and his darkspawn, returning peace to the village and Dalish clan alike. Just then, village Warden Tarl Dale, arrives, to confer with Sister Arda, and then the companions. He pledges whatever aid he can to the party, which repairs to the Arbor Inn for a meal and a restful sleep.

The next morning, the party rises, eats breakfast, and sets out on four borrowed horses, fully outfitted for the mission ahead. Shortly after they pass the outskirts of town, they are ambushed by Coalan and eight angry villagers, whom they recognize from the mob of the previous day. Coalan and the group try to bully and unhorse the companions, who stand firm and eventually — reluctantly — resort to combat. Edgarrin slays Coalan, and Hawkmage almost kills two other villagers, pulling his killing blow, before the companions are able to break away and ride on.

After almost a full day’s ride, Eshara leads the companions onto a side trail off the main road and shortly to the Dalish camp. The camp is a shambles: wagons overturned, horse dead — dined on by forest predators — and debris strewn about. The party searched the area, discovering the Dalish band’s money box, which they return to Eshara. And as the group debates whether to set up camp here or elsewhere, night falls.

The companions set up tents and the night’s watch. During the last watch, Hawkmage is surprised by four darkspawn, who kill him. The rest of the party awakes and sets into the darkspawn, eventually defeating them — and healing Hawkmage. One darkspawn runs away, following a trail — and tracks — to the south-southeast. The companions take a short rest and decide what to do next, perhaps to follow the trail to the south-southeast.



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