Fearless in Ferelden

The Brecilian Bann #3

  • Ukai, Avvarian warrior (played by John-Diego)
  • Zeke, Ferelden Freeman apostate (played by John)
  • Shyun Bleedingtree, Dalish elf warrior (played by Sean)
  • Landon the Red-Faced, Ferelden Freeman warrior (played by Adam)
  • Bewho, Avvarian rogue (played by Allie)
  • Gorim Kerdik, surface dwarf warrior (played by Karen)

Returning to Logerswold with Waldric, the companions encounter Bann Trumhall and a force of his men, who seek to take Waldric into their custody. Refusing to turn him over immediately, suggesting that they have evidence of his connection to Trumhall, the companions provoke the guards, and Trumhall’s Mabarian mastiff attacks Waldric, knocking him from horseback, killing him.

Sensing the scuffle, others approach from the village, and the town council intervenes, to consider the evidence, and to reconsider the election of Trumhall and the unseating of Krole. Looking for trouble — and Bron — Zeke walks around the village accompanied by Ukai. Finding Bron, Zeke challenges him to another duel, this time killing him with magic.

Villagers intervene too late, but capture Zeke, jailing him and putting him trial as an apostate mage. Sister Pliacinth find him guilty, despite Bron’s involvement in the wrongdoing, and banish him — along with the other companions — from Logerswold and the surrounding area.

The companions are escorted to the western edge of the area, but leave the road and circle back… to search for a way post in the forest that featured markings similar to a marking on the Mabarian war hound’s collar. They find the way post, deep in the forest past the bandit camp, and spend time trying to scry its markings. Eventually, the decipher the carvings and find their way to another way post, and another… and another… until they hear the sound of rushing water.

Approaching the source of the sound of rushing water, similar to that of a large waterfall, the companions come to a small clearing at the edge of a ridge falling down toward a river below. Before them is an enormous tree, ancient and old, growing from the edge of the embankment, a waterfall behind it. Looking down the ridge, they see a network of exposed roots, and the river far below. Looking up the tree, they see an opening about 30 feet up.

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