Fearless in Ferelden

The Brecilian Bann #1

After a night’s rest following the battle against Mythallen, the companions leave Vintiver with additional directions from Tarl Dale. He indicates that the bann seeking adventurers is the bann of the village of Logerswold, in the Ruswold Valley just west of the Brecilian Forest. The companions head along the main road east of Bannorn toward the valley. A couple of the party’s original adventurers have other business to attend to and make plans to meet up in the future. Remaining were:

  • Ukhai, Avvarian warrior (played by John-Diego)
  • Zeke, Fereldan Freeman apostate (played by John)

Upon entering the Ruswold Valley, the pair decide that they won’t make it to Logerswold by the end of the day. With the approach of night, the two leave the main road and head into the hills to make camp. They gather brush and make low-lying lean-to’s for shelter from the night winds. Little do they know that they are under the watchful gaze of Ukhai’s former companion

  • Shyun Bleedingtree, Dalish elf warrior (played by Sean)

who’s been tracking them since they left Vintiver, where he’d waited to see the party depart, not knowing for sure whether they were in town, or wanting to brave the largely human settlement himself — but knowing that a large-scale battle had ensued.

Not long into Ukhai’s watch, the first of the night, he becomes aware of several armed men approaching the camp. They seem to be aware of the two and approach the camp slowly, but not sneakily. Ukhai awakes Zeke, who calls out to the men. The three take offense at the suggestion that they are not wholly in the right to approach the camp as they are, and one — Bron — challenges Zeke to a duel. Ukhai offers Zeke his sword and shield, but not his sword arm as proxy, and the duel begins.

Bron dramatically draws first blood, humiliating Zeke according to the culture of the Ruswolds, but also casting some shame on himself given that his opponent is clearly outclassed. Zeke bites his lip, biding his time, and apologizes to Bron for the imagined slight. Satisfied, the three local ruffians continue on their way.

Ukhai takes a longer watch so Zeke can rest fully in order to heal somewhat, and the rest of the night passes without incident. The next morning, the two wake, break camp, and return to the main road, continuing toward Logerswold. After awhile, the two become aware of someone making their way toward them from off the main road, his path set to intercept theirs. Ukhai recognizes Shyun but doesn’t say anything to Zeke, who hasn’t met him before — until Shyun makes it to the road.

After a slightly awkward reunion — Shyun left the party to recover the horses when the darkspawn attacked the companions at the Dalish camp but was then unable to catch up with the group to join them in the battle against Mythallen — the now trio is appproached by a half dozen riders on horseback. Zeke and Shyun seek cover in the woods, but Ukhai sits on a rock by the side of the road, waiting for the riders to reach them.

Upon arrival, the riders, identifying themselves as loyal to Bann Trumhall and on patrol of the main road into the Ruswold, ask Ukhai to state his name and business. He tells them, admitting that his two companions are hiding in the woods. Zeke emerges, pretending that he’s returning from relieving himself in the foliage, but Shyun remains hidden. Not entirely sure how to proceed — the group is neither hiding nor entirely forthright — the men offer to take Ukhai and Zeke to Bann Trumhall so they can offer their services in response to his call for aid. The two join them, Shyun following them a safe distance behind, in the woods.

Nearing town, the patrol and two adventurers take a side road to the bann’s encampment, a stockade under construction. Just as they enter the compound, Shyun is spotted by two other men loyal to the bann, who approach him and take him to see Bann Trumhall, as well — although not as readily.

Ukhai and Zeke are ushered into a comfortably appointed canvas tent used by Trumhall as his center of operations while the stockade is being built. He introduces himself as the newly elected bann for the area — area residents recently voted to replace their former bann Valdur Krole, who was unable to defend the town adequately. Trumhall explains why he’s sent out the call for adventurers: Bandits from the Brecilian Forest are attacking the people of Logerswold, killing loggers, and otherwise disrupting the area’s life and industry. He offers no pay, but support, and the spoils of their adventure if the companions root out and defeat the bandits. As the group discusses the details of the situation, Trumhall is joined by a Mabari war hound — and Trumhall’s men bring Shyun into the tent.

Ukhai vouches for Shyun, who joins the discussion, which results in the companions agreeing to help Trumhall, and which wraps up just as three other adventurers are brought into the tent to meet with Trumhall. As the companions leave, to head into Logerswold with a scrip for use at the stables — Trumhall pledged them three horses — and basic equipment at the blacksmith’s, they overhear the start of Trumhall’s conversation with the new trio: almost exactly the same as his overtures to the party moments ago.

The trio head toward town and are soon approached by a man and a woman still in the employ of Krole. They ask the party to join them; Krole would like to meet with the party. Despite Shyun’s interest in heading to town to secure the equipment they need, the three decide to see what Krole has to say. They follow the two servants to Krole’s palisade, which surrounds a large manor house and watchtower high on a hill just outside of Logerswold.

Krole, a dour man with an artificial leg, asks if the companions are the adventurers accosted by a few of his former men at arms the night before. Zeke indicates that he was challenged by such ruffians, and Krole offers an apology, even though he says he does not need to. Zeke accepts the apology, and the companions depart, to head the rest of the way into Logerswold.

As they leave the manor house, a call for alarm rises, Krole’s men in the watchtower spying a bandit attack on several supply wagons approaching the palisades. The companions rush out to the main road and see the wagons, burning, overturned. As they approach, arrows whiz out from the woods and rocks along the road, hitting Ukhai and Zeke. The three attempt to fight the hiding bandits, most of whom remain unseen. Ukhai kills one, and the companions hear hoofbeats as others escape on horseback.

Shyun chases one bandit into the woods, embarking on an extended race, evading roots and branches, trying to loop around to the bandit’s front, and occasionally getting close enough to stop and fire an arrow at the bandit. Shyun does so several times, twice aiming to cause non-lethal damage, eventually felling the bandit, unconscious. Shyun hoists him over his shoulder and returns to his companions on the main road.

When the bandit regains consciousness, the party questions him. He informs them that the bandits are led by Waldric Gore-hand, that they are well-organized, and that about three dozen outlaws are camped out near a waterfall south of the logger’s camp. The companions secure rough directions to the encampment — Ukhai intimidating the captured bandit — tie him up securely, and lead him to Krole’s palisades.

Krole claims no authority over the Ruswolds, indicating that the bandits are now Trumhall’s concern. But he appreciates the audience with the bandit regardless. Approaching the outlaw, he punches him in the stomach. “That’s for one wagon.” Then he knees him in the chin. “That’s for the second.” And then he punches him again. “And that’s for the third.” Winded, Krole suggests the companions take the bandit to Trumhall.

The trio does, and Trumhall thanks them, two of his men taking the bandit into a nearby tent for questioning. Before leaving Trumhall, Ukhai asks whether Trumhall can spare any men to join them on the raid of the bandit camp. He suggests that the companions talk to other adventurers in town — specifically the trio they saw previously: Shadow, Hocke, and Pryft — perhaps at the inn, to enlarge the size of their party. Outside, as Zeke peeks into the prison tent to see what Trumhall’s men are doing to the captured bandit, Trumhall’s Mabari war hound stands outside his tent, as though watching the party.

Upon reaching town, the three go to the stables to procure horses, and the blacksmith’s to secure additional weapons and armor. Ukhai commissions a custom made helmet, which the blacksmith promises in three weeks time. Then, the companions go to the village inn, the Sign of the Spreading Tree.

Entering the inn, the companions meet the proprietor, a somewhat sad man named Liwis. He says that his hospitality will come at no cost as long as the party are working for Trumhall, and asks his daughter Dealia to set the three up with stew and ale or water. Ukhai spies the three adventurers from before — Shadow, Hocke, and Pryft — and approaches them about joining forces. The three suggest that they speak some later that night and see if the groups get along. Ukhai also approaches another two adventurers, who are not at all interested in joining forces. In fact, they scoff, claiming that they’ll defeat the bandits first, claiming all the spoils for their own! Clearly, not all of the adventurers in town are cooperative. The companions have competition to defeat the bandits.

As the night progresses, the companions are able to spend more time talking with Shadow, Hocke, and Pryft, and the six decide to throw in together. As Dealia cleans up once the inn is almost empty, she is obviously listening in, and Zeke challenges her. Dealia, too, offers her assistance, claiming that she has weapons and is strong. The companions discourage her, saying that her place is with her father, to protect the village of Logerswold.

With the sun set, the companions fed, and the deal with Shadow, Hocke, and Pryft made, the three retire, to sleep, and rest for the next day’s adventure.



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